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49 Weddings and a Change of President

What’s not to love about a big Indonesian wedding? Free food, a bit of socialization, and the chance to pull on your best kebaya. But for Indonesia’s political and economic elites, they are much more than that...

A proxy conflict?

Despite not having the numbers in Indonesia’s house of representatives, President Joko Widodo has been able to score victories. But as the national police and corruption commission battle shows, that could soon change.

In safe hands?

Considering the enormity of the task it faces, the National Election Commission (KPU) and its associated bodies have, in the past, done a good job of administering national and regional elections. But with 478,685 polling stations due to return results in the next two weeks, their oversight capacities will be stretched.

Reality bites: reflections on “ground-truthing”

Perhaps because its technical intricacies are so difficult to grasp for the lay-person, natural language processing (NLP) scholarship borrows some of its terminology from other fields: “signals”, “noise”, “gold standards” and “ground-truthing” to name but a few. Used to describe the process of evaluating results in NLP, the term “ground-truthing” implies something of its other meanings – a sort of reality check that what is being measured remotely is actually true – but does it do this in practice?

RESEARCH: Digital Politics

In what ways does the internet challenge or reinforce established political and economic institutions in Asia? How can we use digital methods in social science research?

RESEARCH: Governance and Corruption

How does corruption change after a political and economic crisis? What is the best way to support good governance?

RESEARCH: Political Islam

Why are Islamic political parties not popular in Indonesia? Where does violence against religious minorities come from?

RESEARCH: Indonesian Politics

Some writings on elite machinations and the daily political cut and thrust for all those Indonesian political junkies out there.

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