Hello! I am Jacqueline Hicks, Marie-Curie Fellow (2018-2020) at the Asia Research Institute, Nottingham. This site contains information about my research, publications and other activities. The research themes trace the connections between my academic research and the work I have done for societal impact. You can see a complete list of publications and a one-step citation graph of my articles. Please do ask me if you’d like to do something interesting.

Short Bio

Jacqueline Hicks has taught Southeast Asian studies at the University of Hamburg, SOAS and at Leiden University, and was a visiting fellow at Cornell’s Southeast Asia Program. Her teaching and research covers various topics in international politics, including digital politics, international development, democratisation and political Islam. In addition to her academic work, she lived in Indonesia for eight years, working in political risk analysis and journalism, and consulting on legal and judicial reform, human rights and governance policy for international organisations including the UNDP, UNODC, the EC and Amnesty International.