Indonesian Politics

The daily cut and thrust of Indonesia’s political scene continues to hold my attention, and I have written about the country’s political elite and democratic development since 1998.


888c0d43e2e2b82b3bd93f069f574a27Below are some selected articles from when I lived in Jakarta. With a little light editing and a few name changes, some of these articles could apply as much today as they did when I wrote them. After working in journalism for a few years, you start to see the same stories come round again and again.




‘A proxy conflict?’, New Mandala, Australian National University,19 February 2015.
The shape of things to come in Indonesia, Asia Times, October 22, 2009. Executive-legislative relations
Democratic disconnects in Indonesia, Asia Times, July 13, 2009.  Democratisation progress
The problem with Indonesian democracy, Asia Times, September 10, 2008.  Election preparations
Local democracy pains in Indonesia, Asia Times, 1 May, 2008.  Local election disputes
Indonesia’s eroding democracy: Death by a thousand cuts? Jakarta Post, March 27, 2008. Democratisation progress
With Tiarma Siboro, “Only fools rush in,” VZ Report on Indonesia, Vol. IX (19) (November 20, 2007). Presidential candidates
“All the president’s men,” VZ Report on Indonesia, Vol. IX (7) (April 24, 2007). Presidential advisory unit, Watimpres.
With Tiarma Siboro, “Changing of the guard,” VZ Report on Indonesia, Vol. VIII (15) (September 5, 2006). Political parties


And some consultancies on the design and analysis of electoral support.


Hicks, Jacqueline (May 2009) Indonesia’s 2009 Legislative Elections: Consolidation or Decline?, Jakarta, International Foundation for Electoral Systems.
Hicks, Jacqueline (September 2007) Strengthening Electoral Processes in Indonesia, Jakarta, Partnership for Governance Reform in Indonesia.


I wrote extensively about domestic and international businesses operating in Indonesia in my PhD thesis, including the different conglomerates in the oil & gas, forestry and electricity sectors, and the influence of business on the policy process.


A few shorter writings on business and economic issues:

“The Chinese factor,” VZ Report on Indonesia, Vol. VIII (7) (April 25, 2006). Chinese investment in Indonesia
Bakrie looks exposed in meltdown, Asia Times, November 27, 2008.  Bakrie conglomerate profile
“Dangerous Liaisons,” VZ Report on Indonesia, Vol. IX (15) (September 11, 2007). Indonesia-Russia telcom deal
“Water World,” VZ Report on Indonesia, Vol. VIII (19) (November 14, 2006). Water infrastructure